Brand new chapter for iOS, Android and Steam versions of Lara Croft GO coming March 3rd as a free update to the main game! The new Mirror of Spirits chapter is inspired by Croft Manor and encounters with Lara's doppelgänger, the chapter includes new puzzles, mechanics, trophies, and more!

If you haven't already purchased one or two of the previous Tomb Raider games digitally (PC), then here's a great chance to take them! Save 60% on Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration and up to 75% on other Lara Croft and Tomb Raider titles! Offer ends 20th of February at 10AM Pacific Time!

Today is Valentine's Day! Tomb Raider Fans know very well what it means. We don't care that it is the day of love, since today, on February 14th, it's the birthday of our true, one and only heroine, Lara Croft! Another great opportunity for us to show: we will never forget her.

So it begins... the filming of the new Tomb Raider movie started (23 January)! Warner Bros. and MGM (co-producers) & GK Films have dated Tomb Raider Reboot for March 16, 2018, starring Alicia Vikander. Based on the game Tomb Raider (2013) with some twists. First set photos and info in the article!

Sam Nishimura has killed Lara Croft. Or at least, she thinks she has. With Lara out of the way, Sam, possessed by the Sun Goddess Himiko, plans to return to Yamatai and ascend her ancient throne. But Lara Croft is the ultimate survivor, and she'll do anything to save a friend.

Today is a great day for the Steam players of the Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration! Crystal Dynamics teamed up with Tobii (Tobii Eye Tracking) to extending the experience and the game also received an update - provided by Nixxes - which improves the Endurance Co-op Mode's voice chat and cards.

In case you missed Rise of the Tomb Raider, but you would like to try it first, here's your chance. An hour-long demo maybe will help you to decide. A demo is available on Xbox One and PS4/PS4 Pro. You can discover the beginning of the game, The Prophet's Tomb in Syria.

The Tomb Raider's 20th anniversary is just behind us, but every year is an anniversary for a Lara-fan. :P 2017's first ongoing community project (a quiz to be exact) is here provided by Alex Croft. Don't miss it, because Tomb Raider prizes awaits for those who are a fan of the saga! Get to know more about the activity!

Gaming Heads proudly presents the 18-inches tall latest Lara Croft statue which will be limited to 1000 pieces worldwide and begin shipping Q1 of 2017. An exclusive run limited to 500 pieces is also available, with the fabled Staff of Osiris strapped to Lara’s back. Pre-order now to secure a low statue edition number!

When Nathan McCree, composer of Tomb Raider I, II and III announced his return our team was mildly shocked since it was revealed: his art is going live as a symphonic concert in London. That was the exact moment when we knew we HAD to be there. Hereby you can read our travelogue...

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