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Training Level

Great way of learning the game controls or just spending time by visiting the mansion and the garden. The whole house is explorable - unlike the first game - and we will meet Lara's loyal butler, Winston.

Lara's Home

Chapter One: The Great Wall & Venice

1.: The Great Wall
2.: Venice
3.: Bartoli's Hideout
4.: Opera House

Chapter Two: Offshore Rig & Maria Doria

5.: Offshore Rig
6.: Diving Area
7.: 40 Fathoms
8.: Wreck of the Maria Doria
9.: Living Quarters
10.: The Deck

Chapter Three: Tibet

11.: Tibetan Foothills
12.: Barkhang Monastery
13.: Catacombs of the Talion
14.: Ice Palace

Chapter Four: China & Epilogue

15.: Temple of Xian
16.: Floating Islands
17.: The Dragon's Lair
Epilogue: Home Sweet Home


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