Derelict Apartment Block; Industrial Roof Tops; Margot Carvier's Apartment

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Part 5.: Parisian Ghetto

Part 6/A.: Pierre (Parisian Ghetto - Serpent Rouge)

Part 6/B.: Bernard (Parisian Ghetto - Serpent Rouge)

Part 7.: The Serpent Rouge

Part 8.: Bouchard's Hideout #1

Part 9.: St. Aicard's Church

Part 10.: Renne's Pawnshop #1

Part 11/A.: St. Aicard's Graveyard (Pierre)

Part 11/B.: St. Aicard's Graveyard (Bernard)

Part 12.: Bouchard's Hideout #2

Part 13.: Renne's Pawnshop #2

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