Journal 1: The Entrance

Number of levels: 5
Number of areas: 6
Relic: The Gilded Skull
Number of relic fragments: 4
Unlockable outfit: Bomber Jacket
Gem: Quartz
Number of gems: 6

Journal 2: The Maze of Snakes

Number of levels: 11
Number of areas: 19
Relic: The Twin Snakes
Number of relic fragments: 10
Unlockable outfit: Area 51
Gem: Emerald
Number of gems: 19

Journal 3: The Maze of Stones

Number of levels: 13
Number of areas: 32
Relic: The Frozen Spider
Number of relic fragments: 12
Unlockable outfit: Antarctica
Gem: Sapphire
Number of gems: 32

Journal 4: The Maze of Spirits

Number of levels: 9
Number of areas: 26
Relic: The Blood Salamander
Number of relic fragments: 7
Unlockable outfit: Wetsuit
Gem: Ruby
Number of gems: 17

Journal 5: The Escape

Number of levels: 3
Number of areas: 12
Relic: The Necklace of Dreams
Number of relic fragments: 3
Unlockable outfit: Catsuit
Gem: Topaze
Number of gems: 7


Journal 6: The Cave of Fire (The Shard of Life)

Number of levels: 11
Number of areas: 25
Relic: The Sacred Beetle
Number of relic fragments: 11
Unlockable outfit: Angel of Darkness
Gem: Obsidian
Number of gems: 13
Unlockable outfit by ALL gems: Midas Lara