Lara's Shadow

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Play Tomb Raider from a new perspective. Experience the world as the Doppelganger, a dark and deadly double of Lara with superhuman powers and instructions to end the Croft lineage once and for all. With the Doppelganger’s unique Shadow Powers you can defeat enemies with brutal melee attacks. Use super-human agility to make it past challenges Lara could never pass. Fulfil this new mission and become the ultimate instrument of revenge.


  • All-new level that extends the Tomb Raider: Underworld experience
  • First time in the Tomb Raider history, play as Lara's deadly Doppelganger
  • Sprint-climb up any rock surface with a vein-like formation and kill enemies in slow motion
  • Blast your pistols at high velocity
  • 125 Gamerscore


Video Walkthrough:

Gameplay by Szizoli