Warner Bros. and MGM (co-producers) & GK Films have dated Tomb Raider Reboot for March 16, 2018, starring Alicia Vikander. So it looks like after all these years the movie will finally see the daylight - based on the game Tomb Raider (2013) with some twists. We have collected all the information on the film.

'Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft' morph made by MicheleMouse

Here's all we know (so far) about the movie:

  • The Norwegian Roar Uthaug has been tapped to direct the movie. (Some of Uthaug's previous works: The Wave, Cold Prey, Escape and Magic Silver)
  • Geneva Robertson-Dworet (Transformers: The Last Knight) wrote the screenplay.
  • Alicia Vikander (The Light Between Oceans, The Danish Girl, Ex Machina) has nabbed Lara Croft's role. She has also started bulking up to play Lara, eating six meals a day.
  • The movie will be released with enhanced picture and sound in IMAX and IMAX 3D.
  • Most likely the film will be shot at the Table Mountain (City of Cape Town - South Africa).
  • Release date has been set to March 16, 2018.
  • Plot: [When HeyUGuys asked the producer Graham King, what we can expect from this new movie]: "Well this is kind of what we call a 'back to the roots story'. This is a young Lara Croft in search to see if her father is dead or alive, so it has a very emotional part to it, and I think that’s what Alicia found so interesting about it. I think the storytelling is really good, and I think we’ve got the right crew and a great director, and I think it’s going to be really fun making a film like this."
Walton Goggins (as antagonist) Walton Goggins (as antagonist)
  • Walton Goggins (Vice Principals series, Django, The Hateful Eight) will be representing the villain in the new film - most likely Father Mathias from the rebooted game.
Daniel Wu (as ship captain) Daniel Wu (as ship captain)
  • Daniel Wu (II) (Into the Badlands, Warcraft) will be representing Lu Ren, a ship captain who partners with Lara Croft on a quest to find her father.
Alexandre Willaume Alexandre Willaume
  • Danish actor Alexandre Willaume (Hundeliv, Home Fires, Rita) has also joined the crew of Tomb Raider! Roth, most likely...?