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(This is not an April joke!) Realtech VR (developer of the classic Tomb Raider 1's iOS and Android ports) just announced they'd love to release a PC version of their HD-textured, graphically upgraded, and audio-fixed TR1. This might happen once the project gets a lot of attention. A preview video is also here... check it out!

Promo picture (made by Roli)
Promo picture (made by Roli)

Realtech VR's official statements:

"We are looking if people are interested. Don't hesitate to share this video. This will leverage for releasing the remaster and improve it of course."

"More improves like HDR, improved bloom, God rays and real shadows are planned. A new improved video will be posted soon."

"Windows 7 and Windows UWP (with potentially Xbox One version thru Windows Store) is already made (in a new video next week). Also we have TR2 as well!"

Features (a few of them):

  • OpenGL 4.5,
  • SSAO (Ambient Occlusion),
  • Bloom post process,
  • 16x AA,
  • Full HD (1080p),
  • 60fps,
  • Xbox 360/One gamepad support,
  • Multi-language: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese (Portugal & Brazil), Hungarian, Japanese & Dutch,
  • Free Unfinished Business expansion.


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