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Raiders, rejoice! Official merchandise for Shadow of the Tomb Raider and classic Tomb Raider games has been revealed courtesy of SDCC 2018 and Square Enix! The creators of SOTTR partnered with Weta Workshop to bring you a brand new Lara statue and replicas from the game. Plus Tomb Raider Pixel Pals and Totaku figure have also been announced!

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Statue (Weta Workshop)

[No details yet, but we have photos taken by dxtoysbr]

Necklace of Lara Croft (Weta Workshop)

Release date: August 2018 - Pre-order now!

Lara Croft's jade necklace embodies her spirit of adventure, found at Lara's first archaeological dig alongside her father.

The Necklace of Lara Croft is a prop replica of the original piece of jewellery featured in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Crafted to exacting detail, the necklace is made from jade and sculpted by local pounamu carver, Terence Turner, in Wellington, New Zealand. The necklace comes in a beautiful gift box made from natural timber.

Bow and Arrow of Lara Croft (Weta Workshop)

Release date: Late 2018 - Pre-order now!

As versatile as it is deadly, Lara uses her bow and arrow to hunt prey and protect herself from animals and enemies alike.

This non-functional prop replica has been created from designs featured in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, using high impact urethane material and finished using techniques and materials to achieve the same battle-worn look it has in the game.

Display your bow and arrow in pride of place on your wall, mounted on the accompanying wall plaque complete with Mayan inscriptions (not photographed). Or take your Cosplay to the next level and strike fear in the hearts of your enemies.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Statue (Totaku)

Release date: September 2018 - Pre-order now!

Totaku Lara Croft Figurine (at close to 4 inches tall, number 30 in the series).

Classic Lara Croft & Reboot Lara Croft Pixel Pals

Release date: September 2018 - Pre-order classic Lara now! Pre-order Reboot Lara now!

Collectible pixel-art lighted figures of two versions of Lara (at close to 6 inches tall).


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