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Lara's Levelbase's Advent Calendar is up! Members of the Tomb Raider Level Editor community have come together once again, and realised a new calendar! Every weekend (+ some extra days) a window will be accessible behind which you will find a little surprise for fans who enjoy playing or building TR custom levels!

While we are waiting for another window to open, you can download and play a lot of the previously released Xmas themed custom levels from here!

We'll also provide you video walkthroughs for some of them (old and new ones together):

Sponge: LB Advent Calendar 2015 - Home in Heart and Spirit

Lara visits a friend in a hospital in London, who asks her to bring in the rest of her painting materials from her apartment just around the corner. When Lara finally finds the materials, however, the visiting hours are long over. Since Laras friend is going through a tough time, and because she does not want to let her down, she decides to quietly sneak into the hospital. On her search for another way in, she incidentally makes some strange discoveries in this area of the city...

Ranpyon: LB Advent Calendar 2012 - A Little Gift (Remake)

It is Christmas Eve and Lara arrives at one of her mountain houses, where she had made nice arrangements for a party for her friends. Everything looks just fine, but the only thing that is missing is a gift for Jean Yves daughter... Lara is getting quite nervous, she wants to have all things being perfect before the party begins. Can you please help her to find the missing gift? (There are 2 secrets to find)

illyaine & Masha: LB Advent Calendar 2006 - December 19th Remake

AoDfan: TR Forge Advent Calendar 2015 - Tomb Raider Reimagined (Demo)

The level is a re-imagining of the original Tomb Raider and is designed to be as close to the original Playstation experience as possible.

Mugs: A Letter from Santa

A letter to Lara from Santa tells of a little girls request for Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. Santa and his elves no longer have the machinery necessary to produce these wonderful old dolls and wonders if Lara can help with this problem. Research tells Lara that the original doll factory was in Muskegon, Michigan. It closed many years ago. Is it possible that the old factory might still have a doll or two? Lara begins her adventure to Muskegon.


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