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Tomb Raider II, Starring Lara Croft

Tomb Raider II, Starring Lara Croft
Developer Core Design
Publisher Eidos Interactive
Platforms PC, PlayStation, Mac
Release date October, 1997

Lara's Home

Great way of learning the game controls or just spending time by visiting the mansion and the garden. The whole house is explorable - unlike the first game - and we will meet Lara's loyal butler, Winston.

Lara's Home

The Great Wall (China)

The game starts at The Great Wall of China where Lara is looking for the Dagger of Xian. Though this is the first level of the game we will find many traps and foes along the adventure.

  • Level 1: The Great Wall
The Great Wall (China)


We are traveling to the beautiful Venice to find Marco Bartoli's hideout based on the information we learnt in China. Our main goal is to find Bartoli himself but we won't... However, we will have the chance to visit an opera house while gathering more information...

  • Level 2: Venice
  • Level 3: Bartoli's Hideout
  • Level 4: Opera House

Wreck of the Maria Doria

After sneaking into Bartoli's airplane, Lara gets knocked down and delivered to an offshore rig, unarmored. After escaping and acquiring our weapons again we will have to fight our way to investigate further. The story continues deep undersea in a wreck of a luxurious ship, the Maria Doria. The artifact we are looking for is named Seraph and is well-protected by the mercenaries of Bartoli...

  • Level 5: Offshore Rig
  • Level 6: Diving Area
  • Level 7: 40 Fathoms
  • Level 8: Wreck of the Maria Doria
  • Level 9: Living Quarters
  • Level 10: The Deck
Wreck of the Maria Doria


With the Seraph in our backpack we are traveling to Tibet to find Barkhang Monastery. There is a door which opens a secret way to the icy caves where mysteries await...

  • Level 11: Tibetan Foothills
  • Level 12: Barkhang Monastery
  • Level 13: Catacombs of the Talion
  • Level 14: Ice Palace


Lara returns to China, this time with everything in her possession to enter the Temple of Xian - where the Dagger of Xian is hidden. Bartoli is present as well with his cult. One of the most special and mysterious place where Lara has ever been.

  • Level 15: Temple of Xian
  • Level 16: Floating Islands
  • Level 17: Dragon's Lair

Lara's Home (Again)

Lara is back at home with the freshly acquired dagger - then the alarm goes off, all of a sudden. Survivors from Bartoli's sect come for the dagger and seek revenge. We need to eliminate the last group of mercenaries - then a nice shower awaits.

  • Epilogue: Home Sweet Home
Lara's Home


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