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Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft

Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft
Developer Core Design
Publisher Eidos Interactive
Platforms PC, PlayStation, Mac
Release date November, 1998

Lara's Home

Considering the classic Tomb Raider games, this episode's Home level has the most amount of explorable places. We can learn the controls of the game and there are lots of mini puzzles, too. Solving them can open up Lara's Trophy room with all the acquired artifacts and the racetrack's key is hidden somewhere in the house as well - if we succeed finding it then we can ride the quad.

Lara's Home


The adventure starts in India where Lara is in a search for the Infada Stone. On our journey we get to meet Tony who has lost his sanity and warn us to leave if we don't want to die - of course Lara couldn't care less. But it seems like he was right: inside the Temple Ruins Shiva statues with 3 metres of height want to annihilate us and even the place seems like it wants human blood with all its traps and guardians. We have a chance to use the quadbike as well. At the end of the Indian adventure we meet Dr. Willard who tells us the whereabouts of other stones.

  • Level 1: Jungle
  • Level 2: Temple Ruins
  • Level 3: The River Ganges
  • Level 4: Caves Of Kaliya



We start exploring the Nevada desert but unintentionally we end up in Area 51. In those secret rooms we find out a lot and we get to see UFO wrecks and remains of alien creatures. Finally our struggles pay off by acquiring the stone, named Element 115.

  • Level 5: Nevada Desert
  • Level 6: High Security Compound
  • Level 7: Area 51


South Pacific Islands

The third stone, named Ora Dagger is located in the Temple of Puna which is hidden somewhere on the island. The beautiful scenery goes hand in hand with extreme danger: cannibals, dinosaurs, harmful creatures and traps get in our way. Fortunately some soldiers are willing to help us out if we don't attack them...

  • Level 8: Coastal Village
  • Level 9: Crash Site
  • Level 10: Madubu Gorge
  • Level 11: Temple of Puna

South Pacific Islands


The investigation continues on the rooftops, sewers, underground and museums of London in search for Eye of Isis. It is revealed that Sophia Leigh, a CEO of a cosmetics company owns the stone we are looking for - and in our quest we will find out her disturbing and dark secrets...

  • Level 12: Thames Wharf
  • Level 13: Aldwych
  • Level 14: Lud's Gate
  • Level 15: City



Our plane crashes just before arriving at RX-Tech's base so Lara has to go there on feet. In opposite of our expectations the guards of the base won't let Lara in and act offensively against her. She fights back successfully but what really surprises her is the appearance of a monstrous humanoid creature which proves that Dr. Willard is into doing experiments on people, too. After searching the whole base Lara finds Willard in a barrack, having his lunch. There is no doubt anymore that Willard wants to misuse the stones. After throwing the table on Lara he escapes with all the stones. Our task is to retrieve the stones and to destroy Dr. Willard who transformed into a mutant spider-like creature.

  • Level 16: Antarctica
  • Level 17: RX-Tech Mines
  • Level 18: Lost City of Tinnos
  • Level 19: Meteorite Cavern


All Hallows (Bonus Level)

If we manage to find all 59 (in fact, 60) secret spots the adventure continues in St Paul's Cathedral which was visible from the outside before.

All Hallows


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