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Tomb Raider: The Action Adventure

Tomb Raider: The Action Adventure
Developer Little Worlds Studio
Publishers Eidos Interactive & Bright Entertainment
Platform DVD player
Release date November, 2006
Level Name
Password (100% completion)
Parisian Back Streets
Industrial Roof Tops 16121
Margot Carvier's Apartment 18619
Parisian Ghetto 22218
The Serpent Rouge 24717
St. Aicard's Graveyard 27316
Bouchard's Hideout 29815
Rennes' Pawnshop 35825
End 1
Louvre Storm Drains 38424
Louvre Galleries 41923
Louvre Officies 44522
The Archaeological Dig 47121
Hall of Seasons 49619
Galleries Under Siege 55629
Von Croy's Apartment 58228
End 2
Vasiley's Apartment - Prague 64238
The Strahov Fortress 66737
The Bio-Research Facility 69336
Aquatic Research Area 72835
Vault of Trophies 81356
Eckhardt's Lab 83855


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