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Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris
Developer Cystal Dynamics
Publisher Square Enix
Platforms PC, PS4, XBox One, Google Stadia
Release date December, 2014

Xbox One: There are 40 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
PlayStation 4: There are 12 trophies.

Image Achievement / Trophy
Xbox One
Tomb Raider 125 Complete all challenges
(After completing the story you can revisit every location and tomb, so you can complete all challenges any time.)
No bug is too big for these boots!
45 Defeat Khepri
Nothing a belly rub can't fix 60

Defeat Sobek

Bad...Doggy? 100 Defeat Set
A journey begins 20 Escape the Pyramid of Osiris
Time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking 20 Complete the Tomb of the Timekeeper
Why'd it have to be snakes? 20 Complete the Tomb of the Silversmith
I should buy a boat 25

Complete the Tomb of the Ferryman

Burn it with fire! 25 Complete the Tomb of the Lamplighter
You know what grinds my gears? 30 Complete the Tomb of the Architect
That's a wrap 30

Defeat the Pharaoh
(Any Cold Resistance rings will be useful against him.)

Stick'em with the pointy end! 30

Complete the Tomb of the Torturer

What's in the box? - 5 Unlock a treasure chest
Up for a challenge - 10 Complete a Challenge Tomb
Gotta start somewhere - 10 Find your first weapon
I love tombs! - 30 Complete all Challenge Tombs
(5 challenge tombs waiting for you. You can find all of them on your map signed by stars.)
Bling me up! - 10 Wear two rings and an amulet
Your death won’t be in vain! - 15

Collect enough canopic jars to unlock an onyx weapon
(Whenever one of our friends dies an urn appears on the same spot.)

Pyramid scheme - 30

Complete all Pyramid of Osiris challenges

Into the future - 30

Complete all Timekeeper challenges

Snake charmer
- 30 Complete all Silversmith challenges
What were we standing on? - 20

Complete all Khepri challenges

I was told there would be boats - 30 Complete all Ferryman challenges
Lit all the things!
- 30

Complete all Lamplighter challenges

Heartburn - 20 Complete all Sobek challenges
Who builds their own tomb? - 30 Complete all Architect challenges
The stabbiest tomb of all
- 30

Complete all Torturer challenges

All bark and... - 20

Complete all Set challenges

Time is of the essence - 5 Complete any level time challenge
Gotta have them all - 5

Complete any red skull challenge

Learn from the best - 5

Complete any gold score challenge

Human cannonball - 5

Bomb a player in a Magic Shield in a local or online multiplayer game

Not on my watch! - 10

Revive another player in a local or online multiplayer game

Long distance relationship - 10

Finish any tomb in online multiplayer

Couch party - 15

Finish a tomb in a 4-player local multiplayer game

No worries, I got this! - 10

In a 4-player local or online multiplayer game, be the only player to not die in a tomb

Oh, were we supposed to share these? - 10

Get the most gems in a tomb in a local or online multiplayer game

Primus Inter Pares - 10 Get the most kills in a tomb in a local or online multiplayer game
Hey, at least you are the best at something! -


Have the most deaths in a tomb in a local or online multiplayer game
Didn't see that coming - 25

Defeat the Oracle of Osiris


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