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Lara Croft: Relic Run

Lara Croft: Relic Run
Developer Simutronics
Publisher Square Enix
Platforms iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Release date May, 2015

Jungle Temple (Thailand)

Image Relic Reward Lara's note
Jade Scepter of Tjak 25 Coins Carter sent me an image of this Scepter when he unearthed it. Now I find it just lying in the open? Did he do this on purpose?
Kinari Rain Drum 35 Coins Everything about this jungle seems intent on killing me. More than your average jungle.
Meed Yantra Knife 45 Coins Three of these were found arranged in a cluster, right in the open. Likely left as a distress signal; I'm on the right track.
Naga's Eye 65 Coins Oddly, I think these reptilian people may be the xenological source of the legendary naga of Cambodia.
Nok Thet Mask 90 Coins Legend says that the Naga King's daughter married an Indian Brahmana named Kaundinya. From their union sprang the people of this region.
Pelesit Urn 120 Coins My Malay is pretty rusty, but Pelesit is some form of demon. I remember something about blood sacrifices in exchange for great power.
Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull 160 Coins From what I can tell the ghastly markings on this skull imply its use in dark rituals. Carter was right. There's something extremely grim behind all this!
Bajang Charm 200 Coins A Bajang is more Malaysian spirit mythology. But why here? What was Carter on to?
Bronze Astrolabe 250 Coins I found some of Carter's tools. He would never abandon them. This isn't good.
Carved Skull 305 Coins My presence is definitely stirring up something. I can only guess Carter found more than he bargained for. He can handle himself, so this worries me.
Devatas Flask 365 Coins More Southeast Asian deity references. I've lost Carter's trail, and these relics are my only lead now.
Dragon's Tooth 435 Coins The carvings I've seen are unusual for this area. Carter stumbled into something long hidden, and it wants to keep it that way!
Gilded Chinthe 505 Coins The lizard men guarding this place attack on sight. Now they are setting traps for me!
Golden Trident 585 Coins More references to asuras. I know in Hinduism these are a group of deities, and not the good kind, if I remember correctly.
Hantu Protection Bell 670 Coins Time to kick this up a notch and find Carter's trail again. He's going to owe me big time. As usual.
Rahu's Peal 760 Coins In Hindu lore, Rahu is a severed head of an asura that swallows the sun causing eclipses. Fascinating, but does it connect?
Ritual Conch 855 Coins This piece is a ritual conch. The priests would sound it at dawn to pull the sun out of the shadows. There's a pattern to all this somewhere.
Silver Monkey Paw 960 Coins Honestly, who puts pendulum traps in the jungle? And now I'm hearing about some connection to Babylonian mythology?
Silver Necklace 1070 Coins It's clear Carter's been taken, and based on what I'm seeing, I need to get to the Sahara desert to pick up his trail again fast.
Sun Queen Crown 1185 Coins This relic is Babylonian, it shouldn't be here at all! I'm starting to think whatever is going on isn't just local.

Desert Ruins (Sahara)

Image Relic Reward Lara's note
Basmu Icon 25 Coins Basmu the Venomous, one of the eleven great god-beasts. These are associated with ancient Babylonian Magic.
Bull's Head Rhyton 35 Coins I know Carter came across many of these in his time in Crete. But I still have no real clue what it means.
Amulet of Zarpanit 45 Coins More creation mythology, this time Babylonian. Still no clue how this connects to what I found in the jungle.
Cylinder Seal of Isimud 65 Coins Again the reference to Rahu turns up. but in dark cultish whisperings. I feel a heavy and dark presence here.
Dagger of Tishpak 90 Coins These tombs are not just ruins, they are full of endless traps. A lot of effort went into protecting what's going on here.
Gnostic Dial 120 Coins Are these creatures the result of Rahu's power? Or are they what gives rise to it?
Helm of Srvara 160 Coins Now I'm fighting giant Persian mythological beasts?
Daeva Scimitar 200 Coins Tons, literally, of slain warrior golem debris. I can only assume Carter's handiwork. But why can't I find him?
Pairika Crown 250 Coins

This was dug up by these stone warrior types before I took it from them. They are intent on getting it back.

Lamassu Guardian 305 Coins Finally a brief fragmented message from Carter on my sat-phone. All I could gather is a sense of the danger he's in; that we're all in.
Lapis Gorget 365 Coins It's pretty clear now these relics are the key to something. I'm not the only one hunting them, but for different reasons.
Gold Emblem of Utu 435 Coins This was left right in the open. A Sumerian Sun deity. A lot of this relates to the sun. I'm thinking this is more than coincidence.
Oil Lamp of Maliqa 505 Coins We've moved way beyond Myth. Given what I've witnessed here, Rahu is a real being of some sort.
War Mask of Azal 585 Coins The question is, what is Rahu after? And why now? There is more going on than meets the eye.
Utukku Plaque 670 Coins I need to make sure I've gotten every relic from this place before I go. I can't afford to miss the one we need!
Rabisu Scroll 760 Coins This ancient scroll makes one thing clear: these artifacts are from ancient heroes working against the serpent Rahu.
Simurgh Shield 855 Coins Another brief message from Carter confirming much of what I discovered. He's way ahead of me on the details, though.
Ur-Uta Kingshead 960 Coins I'm hearing that if some of these key relics are brought together they might be able to contain Rahu somehow.
Urvan Vessel 1070 Coins Carter seems to have left the region now, heading to somewhere in the Himalayas, I think. I'll need to get after him.
Bust of Rakush 1185 Coins Stone warriors, far more worrying than lizard men. What is it they are digging up in these ruins?

Mountain Pass (Tibet)

Image Relic Reward Lara's note
Prayer Wheel 25 Coins Prayer wheels, most of them recently smashed. Ascendant ancient gods. There must be a connection.
Yeti Footprint Cast 35 Coins Oh, great. More legends come to life. This footprint has got to be a Yeti.
Mask of the Oni 45 Coins Ritualistic masks, this one of the Oni. Another god-beast of Asian origin. I'm not sure I'm looking forward to this.
Luck Dragon Head 65 Coins Finally something positive. Relics relating to the Luck Dragon. I could use some luck.
Luck Dragon Tail 90 Coins Excellent, more Luck Dragon. I have to find the rest. Maybe they are part of the solution.
Luck Dragon Claw 120 Coins Ah, the final bit. I have a full Luck Dragon now. Our enemies seem more desperate, if it's related.
Mala Prayer Beads 160 Coins The monks seem to have vanished here and left these behind in haste.
Emerald Dragon 200 Coins A hasty note from Carter was attached to this relic. I was right. We have to pull these relics together somehow to contain Rahu.
Jeweled Bottle 250 Coins

A note in a bottle. Nice. Carter is looking for the Bell of Enlightenment. I have to help find it.

Gilded Kukri Blade 305 Coins A traditional Nepalese blade. Some of these were used in combat recently. Unsuccessfully, it seems.
Key of Arcane Knowledge 365 Coins The legend of Rahu is about swallowing the sun, but only temporarily. It's normally just a myth to explain eclipses, but what we're seeing here is actually dangerous.
Amber Phoenix 435 Coins The Oni and Rahu, have they joined forces? Rahu's influence is weak, but the Oni walks amongst us now.
Dorje of Enlightenment 505 Coins Seems Rahu merely is the vanguard of these ancient spirits. To stop the others, I need to stop him.
Gyaling Horn 585 Coins Blowing this horn sent some of Rahu's minions scurrying. These relics are definitely his Achilles heel.
Bronze Mahakala Incense Burner 670 Coins Carter has been leaving these burners all over the place. He's clearly attempting some sort of ancient cleansing ritual.
Pearl Winter Lion Charm 760 Coins Even as many of the lesser threats have fallen back, the Oni and his legion are becoming stronger.
Bell of Enlightenment 855 Coins The Bell of Enlightenment! I struck it three times, and the roar of the Oni was deafening even at this distance.
Ceremonial Scepter 960 Coins This must be the relic Rahu feared most. Now that I have it, I'm being left alone by all but the most fearsome of his army.
Aquamarine Kirin 1070 Coins I've seen it only in the distance, but a great Kirin has appeared. It is not after us, but rather the Oni itself!
Amulet of Seeing 1185 Coins It seems the Oni and Rahu are contained, for now. The Amulet shows me Carter still on the move, but I cannot see where. This adventure may not be over.


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