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Tomb Raider: Legend

Tomb Raider: Legend
Developer Crystal Dynamics
Publisher Eidos Interactive
Platforms PC, PS2, PS3, PSP, XBox, Xbox 360 (Xbox One compatible), Nintendo DS, GameCube, GBA, Mobile
Release date April, 2006

Magnetic Grapple

Lara can use this device to climb and maneuver throughout the game. In addition she can use the grapple as a weapon by throwing it around an enemy's waist and dragging them into danger, such as a pit, or she can drag them into range for a close range attacks.


While she doesn't carry them into the field herself - preferring to improvise with what can be found locally - fragmentation grenades are frequently available when dealing with mercenaries. With pins firmly in place, a few grenades can hook nicely onto her belt, and they offer the kind of concussive force an archeologist might need when in a hurry or surrounded by unpleasant company.

Personal Light Source (PLS)

Affixed to the forward strap of her backpack, this light can provide temporary illumination in the darkest corners of Lara's explorations.

Red Flares

Back before light sources became more portable, reliable and resuable, flares were the standard for lighting up the interior of dark tomb. Lara's favourites were always single use stronium nitrate flares with plastic wind resistant cap for easy lighting.


Lara's state-of-the-art binoculars have been augmented with a Remote Analysis Device (RAD) with simple pattern recofnition software that can provide some tactical data on various objects it is focused on.


Lara's hi-tech, advanced eyes and ears. Her headset keeps her in touch with Zip and Alister back at the Mansion and allows them to see what she sees and communicate with her.


While Lara's headset keeps her in contact with her support team, her waterproof PDA is her field workspace. It stores and organizes notes on short term goals as well as useful data on gear, weapons, and progress. It's versatility is matched only by its sturdy construction - enough to withstand the abuse one might expect from accompanying Lara to the most dangerous places on Earth.

Dual Pistols

Lara's signature companions. Ever reliable, ever lethal. Just like Lara. The twin pistols are counterbalanced to reduce recoil, and includes custom capacity magazines.


Sometimes success doesn't depend on that one well-placed shot, but on sharing the wealth in many different directions quickly. The SMG has a high firing rate that is more than adequate for times when Lara needs to confront more than one problem at a time.

Assault Rifle

With Lara's tendency to use her enemies tools against them, they should think twice about bringing in high-powered assault rifles. She's just as comfortable with these high-impact weapons as with her pistols, ans she can use their better range and accuracy to devastating effect.


For times when a few well-aimed bullets aren't sufficient, Lara appreciates the solid familiarity of a simple pump-action shotgun. It can always be counted on to fire a wide spray of buckshot capable of delivering a great deal of damage at close range.

Grenade Launcher

What's better than a handy fragmentation grenade? A compact launcher to do the work of arming and placing them at a high rate of fire. The perfect weapon for large scale mayhem.


The legendary sword of King Arthur. Actually composed of four pieces, the weapon is composed of an unknown material and only becomes functional when all parts are combined. When wielded, the sword emits an energy blast of great power.

Health Pack

These standard first aid kits are equipped for use in mending cuts, scrapes, insect bites, gunshot wounds, and unidentified poisons.

Ducati S2R

In "Legend" Lara Croft riding Ducati's air-cooled two-valved engine Monster S2R and features riding scenes in which Lara relies on the performance of the original naked streetfighter to get her out of some tricky situations.

Ducati 999

Lara's other bike is one of the most famous in motorsports, the legendary 999. The Ducati 999 is the most powerful and advanced twin-cylinder engine motorcycle ever to come out of the Borgo Panigale factory. It symbolises Ducati's long, glorious history and its domination of the World Superbike Championship.

Jeep Wrangler

Lara and her foes employ realistically modeled Jeep vehicles in numerous action sequences and cinematics that take place in regions all over the globe. Jeep vehicles and Lara Croft go hand in hand. The rugged determination and go-anywhere-handle-anything qualities shared by both Jeep vehicles and Lara Croft make an unforgettable partnership between the two.


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