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Tomb Raider: Legend

Tomb Raider: Legend
Developer Crystal Dynamics
Publisher Eidos Interactive
Platforms PC, PS2, PS3, PSP, XBox, Xbox 360 (Xbox One compatible), Nintendo DS, GameCube, GBA, Mobile
Release date April, 2006

Chapter One: Bolivia

Bolivia is the first level of Tomb Raider: Legend. We can accompany Lara on her quest to find a special stone dais while exploring waterfalls, rocks and ancient temple ruins. In the meantime she is keeping touch with Zip and Alister who comment the events while sitting safe in the Croft manor. This simple stage helps adventurers to gain experience in game controls and the new interface by following the instructions appearing on the screen.

Chapter Two: Peru

Right after Bolivia Lara is travelling to Paraiso. James Rutland states that the stone dais and an old digging site from Lara's past have something serious in common. However, her time spent there didn't end up well... Lara decides on visiting her old friend, Anaya and they visit the tomb together. This level is great to learn the game's combat system and something painful is going to be revealed as well...

Chapter Three: Japan

Lara is going to Japan to get a sword piece from Shogo Takamoto. On a fancy party she rips her dress ready for combat and runs into the Japanese night jumping on rooftops with acrobatic grace to reach her goal. This chapter is slightly different than the previous two and we have a useful advise: look out for the Yakuza...

Chapter Four: West Africa

Zip and Alister tell Lara to go to her favourite continents, Africa - Ghana, to be more specific. But this time this won't be a usual trip, she needs to get her sword piece back from Rutland. Probably the first level in the game to have the "original" Tomb Raider atmosphere: there are loads of traps in that temple. Good luck surviving them!

Chapter Five: Kazakhstan

Alister discovers new information about a lost piece of the ancient sword: Lara has to visit Kazakhstan but Amanda and her gang went there first. You will find KGB laboratories and army fortresses. There are traces of King Arthur's legend. Finally Lara finds a shield which have important info carved on it and she knows, where to go next.

Chapter Six: England

The carved information on the shield happens to be a map which leads to Cornwall. Lara visits an abandoned and strange museum accompanied by Zip and Alister's watching eyes. In this museum the whole story of King Arthur has been exhibited and always has been the favourite of tourists with high interest in legends. While Lara is exploring the most hidden rooms of the museum she finds more and more interesting stuff. On this stage we can feel how the game gets harder...

Chapter Seven: Nepal

During the search for the Key of Ghalali it gets more obvious that it is probably the brooch Lady Croft got from her husband. In hope to find the precious item in the plane wrack Lara is travelling to Nepal again where she suffered that plane crash. We must constantly watch our step because of falling ice platforms and unstable ice ledges. Even the slightest case of stepping wrong can lead to an accident.

Chapter Eight: Bolivia Redux

Lara returns to Bolivia on this really short stage. She has to fight her childhood friend, Amanda who turns into something monstrous - literally. She discovers the true reason of her mother's death, too.

Training Level: Croft Manor

The exact copy of Lara's home seen on Tomb Raider movies. It's a great level to learn new acrobatic techniques and the usage of new equipment. And the best thing is there are tons of secrets can be found in the house which makes it an exciting quest in the whole adventure.


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