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Tomb Raider: Underworld

Tomb Raider: Underworld
Developer Crystal Dynamics
Publisher Eidos Interactive
Platforms PC, Xbox 360 (Xbox One compatible), PS2, PS3, Wii, Mac, Nintendo DS, Mobile, N-Gage
Release date November, 2008


Chapter One: Mediterranean Sea

Lara's father was died in an accident while searching for Avalon. She never believed him that her mother was involved in its disappearance but since the recent events she decided on taking a visit to the Mediterranean Sea...

Chapter Two: Coastal Thailand

Natla thinks that Avalon is the same as Helheim, the underworld. It is impossible to intrude without Thor's hammer, called Mjölnir. Probably this was the relic that Lara's father was looking for in Thailand?

Chapter Three: Croft Manor

Lara's father collected all of Bhogovati's treasures and destroyed every hint showing how to get to Helheim – however he left a key for Lara that only she can understand. He must have found something terrifying and dangerous to destroy such a unique archeological site.

Chapter Four: Southern Mexico

Looking through her father's photographs Lara found out the location of Thor's belt in Central America and the hammer's place, hidden somewhere between Greenland and Norway. Zip doesn't understand, how come that Lara won't give up on searching even after the murder of Alister but she is certain about finding out the killer's identity by investigating further.

Chapter Five: Jan Mayen Island

Thor's hammer is one of the most powerful weapon in human mythology. It is strong enough to destroy Jörmungandr, the immortal demigod while the world burns in the final battle, Ragnarök. Lara doesn't care about power and authority, she just needs to find answers – the truth behind all the myths of legendary relics.

Chapter Six: Andaman Sea

Eventually Amanda helped Lara a lot by digging out the Queen of Atlantis. Since Lara has Thor's hammer she is now strong enough to interrogate Natla about the whereabouts of Helheim and to erase that place from the world…

Chapter Seven: Arctic Sea

The Midgard Serpent must be a methaphore for an enormous appliance and even Lara's father has played in mind what would happen if he opened Helheim though he was desperately looking for Lara's mother. This is a risk that Lara must take to find out the truth.

Xbox DLC: Beneath the Ashes

Lara came across an old file of her father's that describes an artifact of great power. This artifact is not only has the abilty to create thralls, but etched into it is a word that, if spoken, gives you the power to control those horrible things. To find this artifact, Lara must return to her father's secret study lying under the remains of Croft Manor.

Xbox DLC: Lara's Shadow

Jörmungandr's awakening has been averted, delaying Ragnarök in the process. But at what cost? The world three has been decimated and one of the few remaining bastions of Atlantean technology lies crumbled at the end of the world.


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