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DLC List

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider
Developer Crystal Dynamics
Publisher Square Enix
Platforms PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Mac, Linux, Google Stadia
Release date March, 2013

DLC Packs

Explorer Pack

Includes Tomb of the Lost Adventurer Challenge Tomb and instant access to the Climber's Agility skill.

Combat Strike Pack

Includes instant access to the Animal Instinct skill, Headshot Reticle, Pistol Burst and Pistol Silencer upgrades.

Weapon Pack DLC

A selection of weapons to help Lara survive against the island’s inhabitants (multiplayer only): The Silverballer, Agency SPS 12, HX AP-15 inspired by Hitman: Absolution.

Optional Tomb

Tomb of the Lost Adventurer

Explore the final resting place of an intrepid adventurer, and solve a puzzle involving a crashed plane to claim your reward (single player map).

Multiplayer maps

Shanty Town

This ramshackle area features steep climbs, multiple ziplines for quick escapes, and deadly traps to set for your enemies.

Caves & Cliffs Multiplayer Map Pack

Cliff Shantytown: This settlement was built high in the island cliffs. Its many layers hide some of the deadliest traps on the island. The Burning Village: A fire has erupted in an abandoned Japanese village. The burning buildings offer multiple ways to escape your enemies.

1939 Multiplayer Map Pack

Wartime Bunker: This bunker is a deadly maze of brick and mortar that could easily become a tomb. Forest Meadow: This forest meadow is a hunting ground, filled with open spaces that can be advantageous and dangerous at the same time.

Shipwrecked Multiplayer Map Pack

Lost Fleet: A massive beached ship serves as a dangerous battleground filled with twists, turns, and traps. Himiko's Cradle: Full of twists and turns, the scavengers have overrun this tempe, corrupting its once stunning beauty, and have placed deadly traps and zip lines.



This outfit dresses Lara up as a classic 1930s adventurer, bomber jacket and all (single player outfit).


This outfit makes Lara look like a jungle warfare guerilla (single player outfit).


This outfit camouflages Lara in a heavy coating of mud, action movie-style (single player outfit).


Outfit Lara with the Demolition Gear, featuring an engineering jumpsuit and belt pack (single player outfit).


The Mountaineer outfit features the padded vest, grapples, and harness of an expert climber (single player outfit).


With the Sure-Shot outfit, Lara wears a competition style archery suit with high boots and forearm guards (single player outfit).

Mutiplayer Characters

Scavenger Archer

Exclusive Xbox 360 skin. Comes with the Limited Edition Xbox 360 Tomb Raider Controller.

Scavenger Bandit

The crafty Scavenger Bandit.

Scavenger Scout

The wily Scavenger Scout.


The stalwart crew Fisherman.

Scavenger Executioner

The deadly Scavenger Executioner.

Zac Levi

Limited offer Nerd Machine Exclusive character. (Host of Tomb Raider - The Final Hours and founder of The Nerd Machine.)

Mutiplayer Weapons


A Pistol that Agent 47 uses in Hitman: Absolution. A modern and reliable top-tier pistol, the weapon's high accuracy makes it the preferred choice of professionals.

M590 12ga

A Shotgun that Agent 47 uses in Hitman: Absolution. Intended for use in harsh conditions, such as combat or hunting waterfowl, the M590 pump-action shotgun in both effective, and easy to maintain.

HX AP-15

The SMG that Agent 47 uses in Hitman: Absolution. The AP-15 is a versatile battle rifle with a high rate of fire, and a good mix of accuracy, damage and range.

STG 58 Elite

An SMG that Agent 47 uses in Hitman: Absolution. A compact, modernized version of the STG 58, the Elite variant provides an improved rate of fire, making it a highly effective battle rifle.


The signature Pistol that Agent 47 uses in Hitman: Absolution.

Agency SPS 12

The shotgun that Agent 47 uses in Hitman: Absolution. A brutal semi-automatic shotgun that can be modified to fit a variety of tactical roles, making it a good choice for operations where discretion is unimportant.


Animal Instinct

The Animal instinct skill lights up XP-laden animals in Survival Instinct mode, to help Lara upgrade more quickly (single player upgrade).

Headshot Reticule

The headshot reticule lets Lara utilize her weapons more accurately. When used with the pistol silencer, it makes for a deadly combination (single player upgrade).

Agility Skill

The Agility skill lets Lara ascend mountain faces more quickly and ensures she lands safely from higher falls (single player upgrade).

Pistol Burst

The three-shot burst pistol upgrade lets Lara unleash a hail of firepower on her foes (single player upgrade).

Pistol Silencer

The pistol silencer lets Lara use stealthy tactics to overcome even the trickiest of situations (single player upgrade).


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