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Crystal Dynamics' Senior Technical Designer Matthew Gaston passion project Lara Croft’s Tomb Raiders tabletop adventure that lets you team up with Lara has been revealed.

The role-playing game is in development since 2007 and was originally planned to the 20th anniversary of the franchise.

Official description:

"In Lara Croft’s Tomb Raiders, players will assume the roles of fictional characters in the mysterious world of Tomb Raider. These characters work for Lara Croft, who has more leads to follow than she has time to follow them.

Players will explore ancient sites to discover information and artifacts – guided by the campaign’s Raid Master. Campaigns will focus on knowledge, language, and investigative skills in addition to action-oriented skills to keep it true to the franchise roots."

The game will also feature illustrations from professional concept artist/mega Lara fan Kameliya Minkova and concept/comic artist Johann Blais, inspired by scenes and characters from every possible game eras and movies.
The covers have been designed by Brenoch Adams (Franchise Art Director at Crystal Dynamics):

The core rule book and the first campaing book Lara Croft’s Tomb Raiders: Mark of the Phoenix are both going to be released for 100% free in early 2022!

Sample Spreads:

Artwork teasers:


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