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SuiKaze Raider's latest updater has been released to perfectly run the original Tomb Raider and install its Gold expansion, Unfinished Business. In this version most of the bugs, level design errors, trigger and technical issues have been fixed since the '96 release. Download and play these classics in their best shape yet!

Important: The updater requires a legal copy of Steam and/or GOG.com version (v2.1 or higher).

>> Download <<


Version (08/11/2019)

  • The ceiling textures from the "Colosseum" level have been restored from the beta version. No more Midas' Statue residual textures anymore.
  • The "Controls" model has been fixed in the Expansion's Egyptian levels. Previously, they were small just like the Tomb Raider II ones.
  • The savegames have been included in the folder "extras".
  • The untriggered bat in the "Colosseum" level has been fixed and it can be triggered now.

Previous Versions (2014 - 2018)

  • Three previously not accessible items are now available.
  • Fixed additional spacing generated by accent chars.
  • FMV Deinterlacing Fix by Arsunt.
  • Larson's Gun Textures have been fixed in "Tomb of Qualopec" Level.
  • The updater requires a legal copy of Steam and/or GOG.com version (v2.1 or higher) now.
  • Fixed background music in TR1 Gold Voodoo Version.
  • Full TR1 OST has been added (Only in the Voodoo Version)
  • Last secret in the game has been fixed (It was not counted)
  • "Unfinished Business" Expansion (TR1 Gold) can be installed.
  • The translations from the fan collaboration with Realtech VR and some additional ones have been added.
  • Game Installation Optimization.
  • Minor fixes and changes.


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