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Tomb Raider I: Unfinished Business (Expansion)

Tomb Raider I: Unfinished Business (Expansion)


default Tomb Raider 1 Updater & Unfinished Business Installer (Steam & GOG) Popular

For Steam and GOG.com versions.


  • "Unfinished Business" (TR1 Gold) can be installed.
  • Last game secret has been fixed (That secret wasn't counted before)
  • Full TR1 OST (Voodoo Version only)
  • Fixed background music in TR1 Gold Voodoo Version.
  • Deletes rubbish files for optimize the installation.
  • Eidos Interactive logo swapped by Square Enix one.

Created by SuiKaze Raider, b122251 and Turbo Pascal.

archive Tomb Raider I Gold: Unfinished Business Savegames Popular

Copy or move the save files into the 'TOMBRAID' directory.

Save files made by Roli / RaidingTheGlobe.com


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