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Square Enix remained rather quiet about the new Tomb Raider game, until today. Meagan Marie, the Senior Community Manager at Crystal Dynamics, told that a new Lara-game exists and that it won't be shown at E3 2017. But... don't worry at all. Find out more in the article. ;)

One of the biggest classic "events" of this year is here! 14 talented (anonymously for now) builders from the Tomb Raider Level Editor community have just released their Persian-themed levels through, using only the supplied object and texture set - all made by the Tomb Raider 4's engine.

The award-winning Lara Croft GO's final chapter, "The Mirror of Spirits" is here on iOS, Android, and Windows for 100% free! Encounter Lara Croft's doppelgänger while exploring Croft Manor in another dimension in this new expansion. (In case you stuck, our video walkthrough is also available!)

After TR1's PC remaster, a TR2 one has also been announced! Realtech VR (developer of the classic Tomb Raider 1-2's iOS and Android ports) would like to release a PC version of their HD-textured & graphically upgraded TR2. This might happen once this project also gets a lot of attention. Preview video in the article!

Gaming Heads proudly presents the 18-inches tall latest Lara Croft statue which will be limited to 1000 pieces worldwide and begin shipping end of May (2017). An exclusive run limited to 500 pieces is also available, with the fabled Staff of Osiris strapped to Lara’s back. Pre-order now to secure a low statue edition number!

(This is not an April joke!) Realtech VR (developer of the classic Tomb Raider 1's iOS and Android ports) just announced they'd love to release a PC version of their HD-textured, graphically upgraded, and audio-fixed TR1. This might happen once the project gets a lot of attention. A preview video is also here... check it out!

Great news, handheld gamers! Realtech VR who worked on the iOS and Android ports of the first two Tomb Raider games (TR1 & TR2), just annonced that the developer team has just started the works on Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft's mobile versions. Details and screenshots in the article!

We finally have our first official look at Alicia Vikander as the tough, smart, and kick ass Lara Croft in 2018's Tomb Raider movie in which she's mission will not be an easy one. The 21-year-old Lara must learn to push herself beyond her limits as she journeys into the unknown... somewhere off the coast of Japan.


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