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Tomb Raider Comic Debuts in Mean Machines SEGA 1996

Did you know that Tomb Raider's first foray into comics wasn't with the 1999 Top Cow serial, but launched before the first game even hit store shelves? In August 1996 Mean Machines SEGA ran an eight page comic across issues #47-50, making it one of the first pieces of published franchise fiction.

Longtime fan and collector Luke Earle owns the original strips, which were written by Vicky Arnold and illustrated by artist Paul Peart. Earle was happy to share the high-resolution scans with us to give everyone a look at Lara's very first adventure.

Source: Official Tomb Raider Blog

Tomb Raider Mean Machines SEGA 1996 Scans

Tomb Raider: Dark Aeons

The very first standalone Tomb Raider comic, which was released only in France in March of 1999. Printed only in French by publisher Glénat, the 50 page story was written by Alex Alice, illustrated by Patrick Freon, and colored by Nadine Thomas.
Dark Aeons was pulled from the market shortly after its release, due to the Top Cow deal.


"Sects. Government agencies. Hi-tech commando. Antediluvian legends.
One simple letter from an old friend will drive Lara Croft into a maelstrom of her greatest adventure.
From New England to Prague. From Prague to Iryan-Jaya.
Loosing an ally. Finding a friend.
Disprove a legend."

(Special thanks to "Bomb Fighter" for the translation.)

Tomb Raider: Dark Aeons Preview

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

This comic is to promote some basic information about the Tomb Raider franchise to the Japanese audience (Tomb Raider is still quite unknown in Japan, except for people who are really into foreign games/movies).

Digital version only. No retail/longer version is available.

Source: Official Japanese Tomb Raider Website

(Special thanks to Eringo for letting us know.)

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