Tomb Raider (GBC)
Lara Croft (Tomb Raider [GBC])
  • DEVELOPER: Core Design
  • PUBLISHERS: Eidos Interactive & THQ
  • PLATFORM: Game Boy Color (playable on Game Boy Advance & Game Boy Advance SP)
  • RELEASE DATE: June, 2000
  • COMPOSER: Manfred Linzner


Lara is invited to Moscow by her scientist friend, professor Igor Bowmane. He wants her to find the legendary Nightmare Stone which is located somewhere in the jungles of Amazonas, in Central America. Her first task is to find an ancient inca-maya-aztec temple. Inside the dangerous stone there is an evil spirit - Quaxet, who was once a vicious emperor. Another friend of the professor's, named Illiat organized the expedition and waits for Lara at the site. However, when Lara arrives, Illiat has been disappeared and she sees that the camp has been revaged as well. She walks to the entrance of the temple and before going inside, she yells: "Hang on, Illiat, I'm coming!"


  • Movements: almost everything known from the PC games - even with handstand - including swimming. New movements are introduced like shooting from a ladder or Lara can fall on the ground or do a loop in narrow channels.
  • Weapons: Pistols with Normal, Uzi and Heavy bullets.
  • Medipacks: small and large ones as well.
  • Other items: dynamites, keys, usable artifacts and so on.
  • Enemies: scorpions, snakes, barbarians, skeletons, mummies, wizards, different humanoid foes, a giant snake as the boss, etc.
  • Terrain and environment: switches and locks, climbable walls and ceilings and unanimously recurring elements. There are secrets, in fact - in hard-to-reach or well hidden places with extra ammo inside - but the software won't mark it with a tune and finding them are not included in any statistics.

Tomb Raider

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