Tomb Raider IV: The Times Exclusive Level
Lara Croft (Tomb Raider IV: The Times Exclusive Level)
  • DEVELOPER: Core Design
  • PUBLISHER: Eidos Interactive
  • RELEASE DATE: December, 1999
  • COMPOSER: Peter Connelly
  • LARA'S VOICE: Jonell Elliott


For 16 years Lord Carnavon and Howard Carter searched Egypt for the lost tombs of the pharaohs. Finally in November 1922 their dream came true; they uncovered the burial chamber of the great King Tutankhamun!
This momentous event was reported exclusively by The Times newspaper.

77 years later, the Editor of The Times (Peter Stothard) receives news that these excavations have resumed and asks adventurer Lara Croft to discover if the rumours of more secret chambers and priceless royal treasures are true. Lara must find them before her unscrupulous rivals steal them...


  • 100% free level with two small Tomb Raider IV based puzzle games.
  • Celebrate the 75th anniversary ('99) of Sir Howard Carter's discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb.
  • The Last Revelation's playable title screen - as a stand-alone level.
  • Explore a newly discovered area of King Tutankhamun's tomb.
  • Various enemies such as crocodiles, mummies and beetles.

Tomb Raider IV: The Times Exclusive Level

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