Tomb Raider II: Golden Mask
Lara Croft (Tomb Raider II: Golden Mask)
  • DEVELOPER: Core Design
  • PUBLISHER: Eidos Interactive
  • RELEASE DATE: June, 1999
  • COMPOSER: Nathan McCree
  • LARA'S VOICE: Judith Gibbins


During the course of her day-to-day investigative research, Lara comes across some "clues" referring to a small island in the Bering Sea - Melnikov Island; a faded photograph shows an Inuit whale-hunter holding what looks like an ancient Golden Mask; an old newspaper from 1945 mentions a conflict over an Alaskan gold discovery; and a secret blueprint in Russian outlines some kind of fortified military minebase. Locked into the idea of uncovering the mask, Lara discovers that it might be the long-lost golden Mask of Tornarsuk - a "Greater Spirit", said to bestow powers of re-animation on the mask holder.

Next stop: Alaska...


  • Join Lara in 4+1 dramatic new levels, in the final world of Tomb Raider II. Help her explore an abandoned mine complex in Alaska and discover a strange and hidden world. Many more surprises await as Lara uncovers the secret of the Golden Mask.
  • Explore 23 exciting, action-packed levels in all.
  • Featuring an enhanced Lara Croft, complete with costume changes, Tomb Raider II combines the classic gameplay of the original with an array of improved features including: enhanced engine, dynamic lighting, exterior settings, new moves, new weapons and a plot that'll have Lara twisting and turning around every corner.

Tomb Raider II: Golden Mask

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