Rise of the Tomb Raider
Lara Croft (Rise of the Tomb Raider)

Character turnarounds, accessories, and notes from Crystal Dynamics' art director, Brenoch Adams:

Breakdown #1 (Front)

Breakdown #2 (Back)

Expedition Outfit

Lara prepares for her perilous journey knowing she will have to brave extreme weather situations. The water resistant, goose down, box wall construction expedition jacket provides warmth and maneuverability for the long road ahead, and features a black and white circular patch on the left arm. The red color provides a color contrast to an otherwise cool landscape. She completes the look with boot covers (gaiters), crampons, a climbing harness, ice screws, a climbing leash, a grey beanie, snow goggles, and her twin ice axes.

Desert Tank Top

As a key part of her layering, Lara wears this ribbed grey tank top with built in support and slim fit to keep her agile and comfortable in warmer climates. The dark material balances well with her lighter value pants and the leather strap of her holster, a drop leg design that sits on her hips and keeps the tank comfortably in place.

Leather Jacket

Lara's leather jacket is a balance of style and warmth. The short cut and rugged leather keeps her protected from elements and acts as an outer shell with lighter layers underneath. Leather has a great material contrast to the dark denim, and the grey cotton hoodie provides a bit of anonymity when needed.

Gray Henley

The three-button ribbed henley is a perfect layering option for the cold weather scenarios that Lara faces. It is light but long-sleeved for extra warmth, paired with her tan pants and leather holster worn at the hips. Her desert tank top is worn underneath the Henley, and various jackets can be easily layered on top.

Huntress Outfit

Lara's Huntress outfit uses the surrounding ecosystem to protect against the cold weather, and enable her to blend into the valley forest. Layers of red deer hide are hand-stitched together to create a tunic that drapes into organic cuts below her holster straps. Her boots use the longer, thicker fur from the tail of the red deer, fashioned into moccasins for deep snow traversal. Bone toggles keep the asymmetrical tunic flap fastened, and a patterned sash provides a base for the leather belt to rest on. A dark forest green variation of her cargo pants and leather fingerless gloves polish off the outfit.

Outfit bonus: Reduces the delay before health begins regenerating when damaged.
(Unlock this outfit by checking the woman in the southern portion of Geothermal Valley and complete her Surveillance Disruption & Hearty Meal missions.)

Apex Predator Outfit

The Apex Predator outfit salvages elements from the native bears Lara encounters in the harsh Siberian landscape. Dark fur contrasts with red accents in the waist sash and leg band, reflecting the violent altercations between Lara and predatory wildlife. The claws of the bear dangle around her neck as both a sign of victory and a warning to any who oppose her. She ritualistically displays the blood of the hunt on her face to intimidate enemies. A two-buckle heeled boot is wrapped with leathers, topped with fur for extra warmth. Apex Predator represents Lara at her most savage.

Outfit bonus: All damage from predatory animals is decreased.
(Part of the Apex Predator DLC Pack.)

Sparrowhawk Outfit

Comprised of furs from animals indigenous to the Siberian wilderness, Lara's Sparrowhawk outfit aims to blend in rather than stand out. The tunic is stitched by hand from sun-bleached red deer hide, falling in organic cuts below her holster straps. The blue accents complement the cream and brown garments, replicating the tones of a cold and forested environment. The rabbit fur hat with ear flaps provides extra insulation, layered over a scarf circling both her head and neck. A two-buckled heeled boot is wrapped with leathers and rabbit fur, worn on top of a dark brown variation of Lara's cargo pants.

Outfit bonus: Non-predatory animals scare less easy, making them easier prey.
(Part of the Sparrowhawk DLC Pack.)

Pioneer Outfit

Inspired by Sir Edmund Hilary and the men who braved the treacherous terrain to summit K2, Lara is equipped with vintage climbing gear from the golden age of mountaineering. Specially designed for Rise of the Tomb Raider's Endurance Mode, she's outfitted with a quilted down high-altitude jacket in yellow to contrast with bleak mountain landscapes. Wool insulated pants and cloth boot wraps conserve warmth, as do the scarf, leather climbing cap, and gloves. Vintage crampons keep Lara on her feet, and the oxygen mask, climbing goggles, shoulder harness, and mountaineering rope work in tandem to prepare her for any expedition.

Outfit bonus: Increased melee damage.
(Part of the Endurance Mode DLC.)

Spirit Weaver Outfit

Sun-bleached deer hide is stitched together for this look, layered over the top of a deep red, long-sleeve tunic. The gold accents and intricate bracer are inspired by traditional Byzantine designs, also mirrored on the ornate trim on the hem of her shirt. Weathered leather straps circle Lara's midsection to keep chain mail in place, and are also used to secure a simple hide holster on her hip. Leather pants and boot covers finish off the outfit, with rabbit fur accents added for extra warmth.

Outfit bonus: Manual healing has a chance to bandage without using any resources.
(Part of the Remnant Resistance DLC Pack.)

Infiltrator Outfit

A tactical ensemble crafted from Trinity gear, the Infiltrator outfit is well suited for forest environments, with camouflage pants and a long sleeve quilted crewneck shirt with cargo pocket. A bulletproof Kevlar vest and knee pads provide extra protection, topped off with fingerless gloves and a black and white tasseled scarf. Black leather tactical boots help Lara keep her footing on tough terrain, and the climbing rope and carabineers aid her in rock traversal. A ballistic nylon gun holster and extra ammo pouches complete the look, ensuring Lara’s prepared for a variety of combat scenarios.

Outfit bonus: Reduces the delay before health begins regenerating when damaged.
(Unlock this outfit by completing The Unlucky Ones mission in the Soviet Installation.)

Shadowrunner Outfit

Ideal for situations requiring stealth, the Shadowrunner outfit utilizes dark tone tactical equipment to help Lara blend into her environments. For quick traversal through enemy territory, a rope rig and simple climbing carabineers attach at the waist. When low to the ground Lara relies on high density double loop knee pads and black leather boots to keep her steady and agile. To provide extra protection and storage, she dons a tactical collared polyester mesh constructed vest with ammo pouches. For easy access during unavoidable combat, a pistol can be safely secured in the thermoplastic molded, double strap leg holster. A black knit hat and reinforced leather combat gloves finish the look, providing extra warmth for when stakeouts drag on during the harsh Siberian winters.

Outfit bonus: Firing bullets/shells sometimes won't reduce the count of available ammo.
(Part of the Tactical Survivor DLC Pack.)

Commando Outfit

The Commando outfit offers Lara a flexible and lightweight approach to combat in the Siberian wilderness. Snow camo patterned cargo pants are paired with a custom ballistic vest and ammo pouches, all layered on top a dark gray tank. Nylon injected molded knee pads offer added protection when scrambling along the forest floor, and the durable double strap tactical leg holster keeps her pistol handy at a moment's notice. Reinforced fingerless gloves give extra grip for traversal, and the hardened knuckles pack a punch in combat.

Outfit bonus: Reduces the delay before health begins regenerating when damaged.
(Unlock this outfit by purchasing it from the Supply Shack in the Soviet Installation.)

Nightshade Outfit

Hand-stitched leather bleached in the sun makes up the bulk of the Nightshade outfit, with a wolf-fur stole draped over the shoulders for extra warmth. Orange accents – such as the gloves, scarf, and sash around the waist – are a color shift from similar wilderness ensembles, making it the best choice for blending into an autumn environment. Leather and fur wrapped boots ensure pelt scraps are put to good use, layered over the top of gray trousers. Rounding out the look, Lara's iconic red climbing axes are swapped for ancient Byzantine blades in this ensemble.

Outfit bonus: Chance of looting an exotic animal resource from a common animal.
(Part of the Wilderness Survivor DLC Pack.)

Siberian Ranger Outfit

The Siberian Ranger outfit offers Lara the ability to store surplus special ammunition. Ballistic nylon gun pouches attach to her bulletproof Kevlar vest, which provides protection in combat scenarios. Leather gloves, boots and black knee pads provide extra durability when trekking through rough terrain, whether on solid ground, high up in the trees, or along the cliffs of the Siberian wilderness. To stay warm in cold climates, Lara wears a knit long sleeve shirt underneath to retain body heat. When assembled together, this gear creates a combination fit for only the most strategic tomb raiding experience.

Outfit bonus: Increased carrying capacity of all special ammunition.
(Part of the Siberian Ranger DLC Pack.)

Battle Worn Outfit

The Battle Worn outfit is a twist on Lara's Remnant ensemble. Her black cargo pants, boots, and scarf compliment the light grey camouflage jacket, allowing her to blend in with a cold forest environment. The jacket includes a hood to help break the strong Siberian winds. A matching black holster drops from one hip, with black leather cording wrapped around Lara's waist and arms to cinch in the over-sized jacket.

Outfit bonus: Reduces the delay before health begins regenerating when damaged.
(Unlock this outfit by completing the Defensive Strategy mission in the Geothermal Valley.)

Sacra Umbra Outfit

A fan favorite, the Sacra Umbra outfit is an ancient Byzantine suit of armor forged from dark steel. A green patina has appeared over time, contrasting Remnant symbols etched in gold. Worn leather straps hold the gun holster in place, secured with ornate gold buckles. Panels of tattered chainmail are layered over a thick padded underskirt, both providing extra protection in close-range combat. Brown leather pants made of deer hide, brown leather boots, and wolf fur accents complete the look.

Outfit bonus: Reduces the delay before health begins regenerating when damaged.
(Unlock this outfit by completing Ancient Secrets for an herbalist in Geothermal Valley.)

Immortal Guardian Outfit

The Immortal Guardian outfit reduces Lara's damage from Greek fire utilizing a combination of torn chainmail and ancient Byzantine armor for protection. Remnant symbols are etched onto the armor and adorn the thick fabric underskirt and buttons. As a base layer, Lara wears a red knitted fabric long-sleeve shirt and boot wraps. Salvaged bear pelts are repurposed into a fur tunic, skirt and boot accents to keep warm. Combined with brown leather pants and boots, and gloves made of deer hide, this ensemble prepares adventurers for traversing through rough terrain. Worn leather straps and a gun holster with gold Byzantine buckles finish the look by providing easy access to gear.

Outfit bonus: Reduces damage from Greek fire.
(Part of the Prophet's Legacy DLC Pack.)

Ancient Vanguard Outfit

With ornate Byzantine accents etched throughout, the Ancient Vanguard outfit projects a sense of traditional Remnant attire. Layered atop a knitted fabric long-sleeve shirt, Lara dons a torn chainmail suit with stitched leather panels. For added protection, a thick padded fabric underskirt adorned with gold Remnant symbols and buttons is worn underneath. Gold leaf gauntlets made of forged steel with etched Remnant symbols guard her wrists, along with worn leather straps and a gun holster with gold buckles which hold gear in place. To keep warm, hunted bear pelts are joined together to craft a fur skirt and boot accents. Leather pants bleached in the sun, deer hide gloves and brown leather boots complete the look.

Outfit bonus: Reduces the delay before health begins regenerating when damaged.
(Part of the Ancient Vanguard DLC Pack.)

Valiant Explorer Outfit

Inspired by renowned aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart, the Valiant Explorer outfit combines style elements prevalent during the Golden Age of Flight. As a base layer, Lara wears a grey linen long-sleeve undershirt paired with tan cargo pants. For added warmth at high altitudes and in snowy tundra, a 1930's leather aviator jacket with a wool lining cinches at the waist for added insulation. A red silk scarf adds a pop of color while a brown leather holster, gloves and 1920's knee high boots round out the look.

Outfit bonus: Increased explosive arrow radius.
(Part of the Valiant Explorer DLC Pack.)

Hope's Bastion Outfit

The Hope's Bastion outfit boosts Lara's charged bow shots and comes with the Wreckoner battle axe. Made up of multiple furs and hides, this outfit includes a wolf fur tunic and boot accents, bear fur skirt and brown deer hide pants and gloves. For added protection, a torn chainmail suit with stitched leather patches layers atop a blue knit long sleeve shirt. Ancient Byzantine silver leaf gauntlets made of forged steel with etched Remnant symbols provide extra shielding. To guard against close range attacks, Lara wears a thick padded fabric underskirt with stitched Remnant symbols and buttons. Worn leather straps and a gun holster with gold Byzantine buckles add gear storage and brown leather boots round out the look. The Wreckoner battle axe is made of Byzantine steel with embossed detailing on the blade. A bronze accent reinforces and secures the axe head to the worn wooden handle, which is wrapped in leather for better grip.

Outfit bonus: Firing arrows sometimes won't reduce the count of available ammo.
(Part of the Hope's Bastion DLC Pack.)

Ushanka Camo Outfit

The Ushanka outfit reduces Lara's damage from melee attacks and, with the Voidhammer shotgun, poses a deadly combination in Cold Darkness Awakened. Lara dons a Russian Spetsnaz camouflage coat with a patch emblazoned on the left arm. The jacket is worn asymmetrically so the right side wraps over left for added warmth. A fur collar and lining on the jacket and a red linen scarf provide extra insulation. Black military heavy cotton cargo pants, leather winter gloves, and Russian army combat boots are worn on her lower half. Slung across her hips, a black leather ammo belt, holster, and pouch store survival gear. Her hair tucks into a Russian mink fur Ushanka, with ear flaps tied up to help her listen for oncoming threats. The Voidhammer is a modified break-action shotgun customized with a shortened muzzle break and wood stock for added damage, aiming and stability. Worn brown leather wraps around for improved grip, while a brass plate gives added detail on the trigger and hammer mechanisms.

Outfit bonus: Reduced damage from melee attacks.
(Part of the Cold Darkness Awakened DLC. Unlocked after rescuing 15 prisoners.)

Wraithskin Outfit

The Wraithskin outfit comes paired with the Dreamstinger bow and is available after Lara ventures through the Wicked Vale in Baba Yaga: The Temple of the Witch. Featuring a headpiece made from modified bear skull and sheep horns, the outfit strikes terror into the hearts of enemies and increases the duration of poison arrow clouds. Atop the skull is a piece of bear fur that drapes over the back of Lara's neck. A two tone, sleeveless stitch patchwork leather tunic with hood matches asymmetrical leather arm gauntlets and bear claw finger extensions. Layered skirting stays in place with a leather waist wrap threaded through hanging human skulls sawed off at the lower rear section of the cranium. Bound bear fur moccasins cover her feet. The Dreamstinger bow is crafted out of smooth Manzanita wood, a leather grip with feather cluster accents and a bone vertebrae bow arm reinforcement. At the ends, the lower jaw of the bear splits into matching covers, with metal grommets to provide strength and stability reinforcement.

Outfit bonus: Increases the duration of your poison arrow cloud.
(Part of the Baba Yaga: Temple of the Witch DLC. Reward for completing the DLC.)

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