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Following the events of Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation, survive and escape with Lara after she being buried beneath the collapsing Temple of Horus in this custom game made by Johny Ptacek and Roland Dankó (Roli).

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And it is done.

The curse I cast on Egypt is back in hell, the prophecy didn't come true and Seth didn't return to Earth with his endless night, the world is saved.

I fixed it the best I could, I paid my due, but I still don't feel like it's enough.
The people who died are gone, it won't bring them back to their families... so many ruined lives.

As I fell into the dark depths of God knows where, I saw everything, everything I had ever done, accomplished, and gradually a sense of satisfaction began to fill me more and more.
After a few seconds I was in the dark, I felt calm, I felt safe, after a while the light illuminated the darkness and a woman appeared in front of me.
She spoke to me in a kind voice, I don't know what she wanted from me.

All I know is that her voice woke me up.
Did I somehow come back or was I dreaming?!

All I know is that I have to get out of here...

Level info:

File size: 441 MB

How to play: No installation required. Simply unzip/extract the downloaded folder and run "PLAY.exe" to start the game.

Before you start the game for the first time, be sure to open the Setup window to configure it by pressing the CTRL key at startup.
VERY IMPORTANT: in the Output Settings set "Microsoft Direct3D Hardware acceleration...", and forget about the Core Design one!
Recommended Emergency Setting: Soft Full Screen.
Here's an example for a correct setup.

If you get a "Failed to setup DirectX" error message, download, extract and install DirectX 9 Runtimes.

Note: This game is released exclusively on RaidingTheGlobe.com.
Please don't upload it on any other website(s) without our permission!


Video walkthrough:

While this is a non-linear adventure, we're providing you with these following video walkthroughs to help you if you get stuck:

Intro/Prologue - Temple of Horus:

Part #1 - Underground:

Part #2 - Pit:

Part #3 - Underground (2nd visit):

Part #4 - Midnight Garden:

Part #5 - Underground (3rd visit):

Part #6 - Hidden Path:

Part #7 - Underground (4th visit):

Part #8 - Hidden Path (2nd visit):

Part #9 - King of the Gods:

Part #10 - Underground (5th visit):

Part #11 - Upper Temple:


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