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Tomb Raider I, Featuring Lara Croft

Tomb Raider I, Featuring Lara Croft


default Tomb Raider 1 Updater & Unfinished Business Installer (Steam & GOG) Popular

Requires a legal copy of Steam and/or GOG.com version (v2.1 or higher)

Run the original Tomb Raider perfectly and install its Gold expansion, Unfinished Business. By this updater most of the bugs, level design errors, trigger and technical issues have been fixed since these titles' release.
List of the updates can be found here.

Created by SuiKaze Raider, b122251, Turbo Pascal, Arsunt, RingsOfSaturn, and Dominik.

archive Tomb Raider 1 Savegames Popular

Copy or move the save files into the 'TOMBRAID' directory.

Save files made by Roli / RaidingTheGlobe.com

archive Tomb Raider I Savegames (ATI/GLRage Versions) Popular

Copy or move the save files into the Tomb Raider I directory.

Save files made by Michele / RaidingTheGlobe.com

archive Tomb Raider 1 Demo Popular

PC version. Most likely it won't work properly on newer Operating Systems!

archive Tomb Raider 1 Last Secret Fixer Popular

With this tool you can fix the last secret bug on PC, PSX, Sega Saturn and iOS.
Originally that particular secret has been defined as the first one and not as the third one.

Created by SuiKaze Raider


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