[Site Update] The Lists of the Tomb Raider Comics

[Site Update] The Lists of the Tomb Raider Comics

After weeks of searching and hunting we finally were able to upload a huge collection of information, covers, and variants for all the English Tomb Raider comics from the past and present. We are hoping the fellow comic lovers and collectors will find these lists useful and will help them out.

From this point you can find the 'Comics' section in the main menu. The comics category has been divided into three parts - Dark Horse, Top Cow, and Others.

  • In the Dark Horse section you can find the lists of current Dark Horse Comics publications. (The official continuations of video games Tomb Raider [2013], and Rise of the Tomb Raider. Plus a spin-off from the Lara Croft series, called Lara Croft and the Frozen Omen.)
  • In the Top Cow section you can find the lists of the Tomb Raider comics which were run between 1999 and 2005. These comics are primarily based on the same continuity as the classic games by Core Design. In this era there were several crossovers with Witchblade, Dark Crossings, The Darkness, Fathom, Monster War, and more.
  • In the Others section you can find the VERY first Tomb Raider comic which was released in the August 1996 issue of the Mean Machines SEGA magazine... Plus the first standalone Tomb Raider comic (before the Top Cow serial), Dark Aeons from France (yeah-yeah, it's not an English one, but still a honorable mention).

We would like to thank you to Tomb Raider Comics, Wiki Raider, Raider Daze, World of Tomb Raider, Comic Vine, ComicBookRealm.com, and Fabrice Wuillemet for making these lists possible! <3

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