The Tomb Raider Suite

  • Nathan McCree, the composer for the first three classic Tomb Raider games has released the Synth Mixes of his The Tomb Raider Suite composition via digital download and on all major streaming platforms!

  • Nathan McCree (composer of the original first three Tomb Raider titles) has some news for you: the brand new website for The Tomb Raider Suite project is now live with Composer Buffet Reception location reveals, American tour news, Abbey Road behind-the-scenes images, prize draws, online store, and much more.

  • Great news, Raiders! Nathan McCree's "The Tomb Raider Suite" Kickstarter project has been successfully funded, bringing in a grand total of £194,120 out of its £160,000 goal with 2,615 individual backers contributing! Thank you to everyone who supported!

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