The Tomb Raider Suite Synth Mixes - Out Now!

The Tomb Raider Suite Synth Mixes - Out Now!

Nathan McCree, the composer for the first three classic Tomb Raider games has released the Synth Mixes of his The Tomb Raider Suite composition via digital download and on all major streaming platforms!

Grab The Tomb Raider Suite The Synth Mixes album from its online store or listen to the extended bits of the Tomb Raider I, Tomb Raider II, and Tomb Raider II tracks via streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, etc.) that have been recreated using 2 Roland JV1080 synthesizers which were the same machines Nathan used to write the original Tomb Raider music back in 1996.

The Tomb Raider Suite Synth Mixes

The remastered Original Soundtracks for Tomb Raider I-II-III (including the previously unreleased cutscene and FMV tracks as well), the TV Documentary (called Tomb Raider Remastered) and more world tours are also coming along nicely, so stay tuned!

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