25 Year Celebration - Tomb Raider I Month

25 Year Celebration - Tomb Raider I Month

The original Tomb Raider game was released on 25 October 1996, so this year is going to be a special one because the world's one of the most iconic action-adventure games will celebrate its 25th anniversary.

The franchise's (current) developer, Crystal Dynamics shared some info in a video message before, that they are planning a nostalgia trip for the fans, which will take us back right at the beginning.

For the first step Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix have launched their official "Tomb Raider 25 Year Celebration" website today:

Tomb Raider 25 Year Website

Check back to the blog section regularly, because each month will be dedicated to a different game in the franchise with nostalgic content, retrospectives, community features (such as fan art, interviews, live streams, cosplay highlights, etc.), and surprises here and there.

In the The Trophy Room post you can learn (more) about the most important items/relics/artifacts from Lara Croft's (video game) adventures.

February is the dedicated month of Tomb Raider I, so in the most recent post (Box Art Reimagining) Franchise Art Director, Brenoch Adams reimagined the very first game's box art in a unique way:

Reimagined Tomb Raider I box art by Brenoch Adams
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