Raiding The Globe - An Official Tomb Raider Fansite

Raiding The Globe - An Official Tomb Raider Fansite

This is a huge year for the Tomb Raider franchise because 20 years ago, on this exact day the first episode of the series has been released. Crystal Dynamics and official fansites already took part of the celebration and we knew from the beginning that we must join them, too.

From today, the crew of sets another goal: we are going to publish a brand-new website in English to reach out to fans worldwide. The portal is still under development but we hope you like the idea - if you do, stay tuned for unique content, regular updates and news by checking on News section.

We wish you a pleasant time on our new international portal,

Michele, Peti, Robbie, Roli, Timi and Zsuzsi.

P.s.: If you bump into any errors or mistakes, please contact us via Contact section. Thanks!

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