Santa Brought a Brand New Raiding The Globe!

Santa Brought a Brand New Raiding The Globe!

Dear Readers and Tomb Raiders,

The time has come to refresh your bookmarks!

During the last two years we were constantly working to elevate Raiding The Globe to an entirely new level. It was quite a demanding project considering how much time and money was needed to achieve our goal.

Which was about to reach such a high quality experience that measures up to new standards. Standards, that we consider entry-level for an Official Fansite in collaboration with Crystal Dynamics and Embracer Group. We also set the bar high in hopes that our guests will love the result and, of course, considering our own views on the quality that every Tomb Raider fan deserves.

During the last years we loved to have not only the kind support from your part but the overwhelming amount of site visits and this enthusiasm encouraged us to create a brand new, completely dynamic Raiding The Globe which works smoothly on both desktop and mobile environments.

Thanks to the flexible design now all of you will be able to browse every article, story and picture of the adventures of Lara Croft. We invite you to explore these pages because all the contents were carefully revised and curated in hopes to achieve the highest standards possible.

Although our work isn't finished by now we really hope you will love these innovative changes on our site.

We believe that this community deserves the best and we did everything in our capability to bring you something really special!

We appreciate every feedback you might like to provide - feel free to keep in touch with us on The Team / Contact Us page.

We wish you all a happy experience on our site and thank you so much for your kind support so far!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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