Tomb Raider: The Dark Angel Symphony Kickstarter is Here!

Tomb Raider: The Dark Angel Symphony Kickstarter is Here!

Peter Connelly (composer of Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation, Chronicles and Angel of Darkness) has launched his Kickstarter to generate funding for his newest project: to remake, extend, re-record his finest soundtracks as a top-quality studio album in collaboration with the finest arrangers and musicians.

Tomb Raider: The Dark Angel Symphony Kickstarter
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About Kickstarter

Tomb Raider: The Dark Angel Symphony

For twenty years, fans of Tomb Raider have consistently held Connelly’s music up as some of the greatest ever produced in the history of this iconic gaming franchise. Poll after poll of fan opinion places Connelly’s music – especially the London Symphony Orchestra’s Abbey Road recording of Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness – in the top spot for its sweeping, emotional grandeur and technical complexity. Connelly himself, however, remains unsatisfied; at the time, he was unable to fully realise his vision for what these scores should sound like. This is especially true of Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation and Tomb Raider: Chronicles, when time, studio restraints and limited technology forced him to make many compromises. Fans have, therefore, never had the chance to travel through the full depth and scope of Connelly’s Tomb Raider musical journey as he would have us hear it. 

At least, until now.

Tomb Raider: The Dark Angel Symphony is a joint venture between a professional composer and famous names within the music industry, organised by a team of passionate Tomb Raider fans whose professional skills will help bring about this unique project. Our aim is to treat old and new fans alike to the finest musicians, sound engineers and arrangers in the world.

The Team

  • Dr Richard Niles – Orchestrator / Arranger / Musician
  • Isobel Griffiths – Orchestra contractor
  • Tina Guo – Guo is an internationally acclaimed, Grammy-nominated virtuoso acoustic/electric cellist, recording artist, and composer
  • Julie Elven – Solo Vocalist Julie Elven is an award-winning Soundtrack and Filmscore Vocalist
  • Ben Fenner – Recording / Mixing / Mastering Engineer
  • Iain Mackenzie – Choir Master

The Goal produce a studio recording of Connelly’s music with an 82-piece orchestra (including choir) hand-picked by Isobel Griffiths. Dr Niles will arrange Connelly’s music and Tina Guo will perform as a featured soloist on cello. This studio album will be recorded at the prestigious Air Lyndhurst Studios, London, whose state-of-the-art facilities perfectly match the album’s production requirements.


1st–2nd of April 2019 would be the ideal date for recording. Mixing and Mastering will be done immediately afterwards, and they are pencilling-in a summer release.

There is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the orchestra performing and recording Tomb Raider: The Dark Angel Symphony LIVE at the famous Air Lyndhurst Studios, London. Meet the team and famous names including Dr Richard Niles, Tina Guo, Julie Elven, and Jill De Jong as she reprises her role as Lara Croft! This reward is limited to ten people per hour.


The Kickstarter website only allows one pledge per login. To allow for this Connelly's team has created Bundles to help fans pledge for a variety of items (like Digital Downloads, CDs, Vinlys, Score, Posters, Pendants, Statuettes, and more). To enable an extra copy or extra different pledge this can be achieved by using an alternative email address. This can't be helped unfortunately. It's just the way the Kickstarter site works. There is also a cost for p&p in addition to the pledge value. These costs are actual calculated costs.

Tomb Raider: The Dark Angel Symphony CD, Vinyl, 5.1 DVD, Signed A1 Poster, Full Score, Tomb Raider: Last Revelation/Chronicles/Angel of Darkness Remastered CD can be purchased as an Add-On to an existing pledge.

Some of the Rewards:

Some of the Tomb Raider: The Dark Angel Symphony rewards

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