'Back to Basics 2016' Classic Tomb Raider Levels Are Now Out

'Back to Basics 2016' Classic Tomb Raider Levels Are Now Out

One of the biggest classic "events" of this year is here! 14 talented (anonymously for now) builders from the Tomb Raider Level Editor community have just released their Persian-themed levels through TRLE.net, using only the supplied object and texture set - all made by the Tomb Raider 4's engine.

About Back to Basics 2016

The theme for Back to Basics 2016 is Persia. For a long time there existed comparisons between Tomb Raider and Prince of Persia games. Now Lara Croft will get her chance to explore the exotic palaces of the Persian Empire. Lara may also venture to explore the ruins of Uruk, Arabic, Assyrian or Sumerian ancient cultures to solve hidden mysteries. It’s up to the imagination of the builders.


Participating Level Builders:

  • AgentXP
  • Améthyste
  • chronicles5
  • eRIC
  • Greywolf
  • Isis
  • IvanTRFan
  • Jesus C. Croft
  • José
  • LoreRaider
  • Mr XY
  • Nerkan (Lara Croft)
  • Octo
  • Tolle87

Learn more on the official Back to Basics page!

via TRLE.net

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