Lara Croft Has Arrived in Fall Guys

Lara Croft Has Arrived in Fall Guys

Lara Croft is sliding into action to the popular, free, cross-platform, massively multiplayer, party royale game Fall Guys (Season 4: Creative Construction) by Fame Pass 2 (available between the 13th of June and the 18th of July), featuring a complete costume and other exclusive rewards to unlock.

In this collaboration Crystal Dynamics has teamed up with MediaTonic to bring a whole Lara Croft set, so players will have to dive and dodge their way to obtain the following goodies:

  • Cargo Shorts (costume) [Level 6]
  • Tank Top (costume) [Level 8]
  • Making a Mark (nameplate) [Level 9]
  • Heir to Croft Manor (nickname) [Level 10]
  • Close Call (celebration) [Level 11]
  • Acrobatics (emote) [Level 13]
  • Classic Croft ("wearable" round red glasses and bubble braid) [Level 14]

(While the game is free on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Windows, and Xbox Series X|S, the Fame Pass 2 itself costs 600x Show-Bucks.)

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