Tomb Raider: The LIVE Experience is Going to Launch This Spring

Tomb Raider: The LIVE Experience is Going to Launch This Spring

Though there are no news of Lara's upcoming journey yet, this won't stop us from seeking adventures. This year you can challenge yourself about how much you learned from the Tomb Raider games. From 1st of April you can be the conqueror of a Tomb Raider-theme adventure park, named Tomb Raider: The LIVE Experience.

Lara Croft statue in the Stables MarketLondon is well-known for its great interactive parks and this Tomb Raider quest will likely follow the proven recipe: take an interesting, well-known British legacy, add the main characteristics to please as much fans as you can, spice it up with teamwork and don't forget to include professional actors.

The story of this experience is similar to the ones we can play in the video games: we must retrieve a valuable yet dangerous artifact from the enemy – a cult-like society to be exact -, just like we do in the games.

According to the official FAQ, your team of 8 people will be accompanied by Lara but only the players will be there to put the clues together and to do the work. Since not much info is provided by now, we suspect that it will be a nice mix of an escape room and an obstacle course so it will definitely move your mind and body. However, you won't need any fighting experience because of the game's non-violent nature.

This event will take place at Camden Market, London and is brought to you by interactive game expert Little Lion Entertainment. Whilst we don't know all the details as of now, this sounds pretty good and could be a hit of 2022.

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