Tomb Raider (2013) - 10th Anniversary Steam Savegame Pack

Tomb Raider (2013) - 10th Anniversary Steam Savegame Pack

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Crystal Dynamics' Tomb Raider (2013) we're providing you a brand new savegame pack for the Steam version of the base game. We'd also like to share a few thoughts about them below.

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Michele's notes

  • There are 59 save files altogether, I placed them from the 4th slot to the 62nd slot. I left every other slot empty for you. I took screenshots too, so you can have a better guess where the saves are from.
  • If you'd like to keep a save file for future use, be aware that in this game you have to save to a different slot right after the game loaded the save, and before you get another checkpoint. Otherwise the new checkpoint will overwrite the current save file.
  • I selected "normal" difficulty, but you can change it anytime at Options > Gameplay > Combat Difficulty > Easy/Normal/Hard. (There's no other difficulty settings for the game.)
  • No DLC outfits were used, Lara is in her default clothes the whole time.
  • Choosing the first skill in the game is mandatory. I chose "Animal Instincts", because I didn't want to have a big effect on the gameplay. I'd like to provide a relatively clean slate for you.
  • Therefore, based on the previous point, I didn't upgrade anything if I didn't have to - no more skills, no weapon improvements. However, weapon changes will happen, because...
  • ...I collected every salvage I could from crates, cabinets, and by looting enemies, so you'll have the opportunity to choose whatever and as many upgrades as you want. However if the player has a certain amount of salvage, and weapon parts that comes from them, an upgrade will happen inevitably when Lara sits down at a campfire (and there's a bow that Jonah gives Lara, too).
  • I gathered every collectible, in-game map, and also completed the challenges. So the last save file has 100% completion.
  • I did everything that gives additional XP: collecting the orange colored food containers, medlar, killing the prisoners in Geothermal Caverns and the caged wolves in Summit Forest.
  • I tried to pick up as many ammo and arrows as possible, so you're always good to go.
  • talked to every side character whom the player can interact with (Jonah, Reyes, Roth, Sam, Whitman). If you need the achievement related to this ("Chatterbox"), just load the save file in the 49th slot and go there to everyone to have the last conversations. Hopefully that triggers the achievement.


1.: Disable Steam Cloud synchronization:

Open your 'Library' in Steam, then Right-click 'Tomb Raider' and choose 'Properties'.
click the 'Updates' tab and un-check the 'Enable Steam Cloud synchronization' option.

2.: Copy the save files into the following folder:

Computer > Windows (C:) > Program Files (x86) > Steam > userdata > XXXXXXXX > 203160 > remote.

XXXXXXXX is your Steam ID.

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