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In the spirit of the 25th anniversary celebration of the franchise, Crystal Dynamics is collaborating with famous and talented artists throughout the year to bring you a wide array of unique box art reimaginations of the main Tomb Raider games. In this reimagining series, you can expect comic Lara, anime Lara, photo-real Lara, and so on.

Crystal Dynamics is publishing its very final reimagined/commemorative box art design. For the official Tomb Raider Reloaded piece the studio collaborated with the upcoming mobile title's Senior Artist herself, Melanie Herrmann.

Melanie was inspired by 1996's Tomb Raider's snowy intro sequence and imagines what Lara could have looked like in the mobile game that has also been influenced by the very first game.

By clicking on her art below you can download wallpaper (both desktop & mobile) variations and social banners, plus a printable cover template of the piece. You can also read the artist's notes here:

Reimagined Tomb Raider Reloaded box art by Melanie Hermann

The reimagined covers:


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